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Overton spec building nearing completion

Liz Engel Clark
Friday, Oct 26, 2012

LIVINGSTON – A speculative building in Overton County is nearly complete and the land surrounding that property is undergoing its own site certification with the state. Officials are hoping both projects will be a big draw for new business. Ground first broke on the new state-of-the-art, 50,000-square-foot spec building, which is located off Highway 111, adjacent to lettuce grower Tanimura & Antle in the Overton County Business Park, back in December. Greg McDonald, director of the Livingston-Overton County Chamber of Commerce, said the project is currently 98 percent complete. Some trenching and paving remains. Aside from those mi... click here to read more

Combining UCHRA/UCDD: Problem solver or bigger nightmare?

Jay Albrecht
Wednesday, Oct 3, 2012

The past few months have not played out well for Cookeville and Putnam County from a public relations standpoint. For various reasons, from secret political meetings to controversy in the property assessor’s office, negative attention seems to be a constant as of late.Thankfully, things seem to be calming down (at least some) within the halls of the Upper Cumberland Human Resource Agency (UCHRA) and the Upper Cumberland Development District (UCDD), both agencies which have been under much deserved public scrutiny for most of this year. With new dire... click here to read more

Editorial: Can government truly be run like a business?

Jay Albrecht
Wednesday, Sep 5, 2012

We often hear business people argue until they’re blue in the face about how government should be run more like a good business. Likewise, some politicians, especially during election cycles, will use that as a major piece of their rhetoric when trying to woo voters.The real question is…just how likely and possible is that to pull off? Given pressure from constituents of all varieties and the “normal” messed up way the political system tends to work, especially at the federal level, can our legislators ever get past all the hurdles to actually put good business sense to work?It seems even good business people, those who have built or been a si... click here to read more

Editorial: Ovation Awards a sampling of region’s excellence

Jay Albrecht
Friday, Jul 6, 2012

Well, it’s that time of year again. For the fifth consecutive year, we’re proud to bring to you our Ovation Award winners for the Upper Cumberland region.This year, we received more nominations than ever before, so the choices were sometimes difficult to make. However, in most instances, the choices were easy, as our award winners are extremely deserving and the cases are strong for each.The Ovation Awards are more than just recognizing individual Upper Cumberland businesses and business people, however. They are a celebration of what makes our region so positively different than almost any other. It takes al... click here to read more

CBJ: Adapting with the times

CBJ Admin
Thursday, Jan 26, 2012

Entering our seventh year of publication and following some of the best and worst times in the Upper Cumberland’s long history, we at the Upper Cumberland Business Journal feel we’ve learned a thing or two. First and foremost, and rather ironically, we’ve learned how little we do know sometimes about our economy, what affects it and where we’re headed next. While we, as a publication, have attempted to provide assistance to local business people on those topics, we’ve too often failed in really giving you – our readers – what you want and need to make more informed decisions day in and day out. While we firmly believe we have played a mu... click here to read more

The fascinating phenomenon of Cumberland County

Wednesday, Dec 1, 2010

During the past few weeks, I have spent quite a lot of time in Crossville and Cumberland County. We are focusing on Cumberland County this month, thus my extended time in that area. To say I’ve learned a lot about Cumberland County would be an understatement. I have learned more than I thought possible.

I now know the reason why Cumberland County desires to attract retirees. Though I’m not a golfer (ask anyone who has seen those feeble attempts), I learned a heck of a lot about golf and how it became a main attraction of Cumberland County, really becoming the central reason the growth began.

I even learned how Tennessee state politics got in the way of the Bea... click here to read more

Specialty gifts good choice in tough times, say UC agencies

CBJ Admin
Saturday, Aug 1, 2009

Novelty promotional products have been given away to increase brand visibility and build customer loyalty since the early 1800s. But in tough economic times, does it make sense to spend money for promotional gadgetry to woo customers, or should you stick to more traditional forms of advertising?Of late, there is a trend to give promotional items to customers not so much to sell products but to thank them for their business. Companies are also buying logo apparel – T-shirts and hats – for employees as a token of thanks, and are then encouraging them to wear the clothing in public to advertise their company. Both methods are an easy way to get your brand in front of pot... click here to read more

Viewpoint: Let's learn from our past mistakes

Jay Albrecht
Wednesday, Jul 1, 2009

What a year it’s been for business!From government bailouts and TARP funds to massive unemployment and stock market variances, we’ve seen more in six months than in several years combined.American business leaders have fought and struggled through it all, some successful and some not so. As a whole, we’ve persevered for the most part, only to be better for it as the economy starts to turn for the better.Hopefully, many lessons have been learned throughout this otherwise negative experience, not only by those engaged in business but by government officials as well.Here are my Top Ten Lessons (so far) from this economic downturn:... click here to read more

Card Check is not for Tennessee

Ray Norris
Wednesday, Apr 1, 2009

For those who are not aware there is a bill in the legislature referred to as the Card Check bill (Employee Free Choice Act) that changes how unionization voting is conducted. The current law is that each worker that is being recruited to join a union may cast his vote in private as we all do in every other election in this country. If the Card Check bill is passed into law, no worker will have that right. He or she will be required to vote in an environment where they can be intimidated by the union leaders or anyone who feels the need to help you make up your mind.The current “movement” to force the Card Check legislation down the throats of the twenty-two right to ... click here to read more

Viewpoint: Positive business news in the Upper Cumberland despite challenges

Claudia Johnson
Friday, Jan 2, 2009

2008 was a rough year for many businesses, local governments and individuals. However, in the UC there were good things to celebrate. Traditionally the Cumberland Business Journal has dedicated space in the first issue of the year to looking back at the news of the previous 12 months.This year, we’ve decided to take a different approach. We asked some of our government and community leaders (and CBJ readers) to tell us about their vision for 2009 – simple, open-ended request for honest feedback we could share in the CBJ. Beginning below, we have printed each response received.As I read them, I was once again impressed and encouraged by the practical yet en... click here to read more

Viewpoint: Changing economy, stronger laws render labor unions obsolete

Claudia Johnson
Thursday, Jan 3, 2008

In the December 2007 issue the CBJ reported that employees at a Crossville manufacturing facility had decided to unionize.The editorial staff of the Cumberland Business Journal questions the wisdom and necessity for such action in the Upper Cumberland. Indeed, we feel strongly that labor unions may have long outlived their original purpose, and in today’s economic climate may, in fact, be a detriment not only to the employees and employers but to regional economic development.Industrial recruitment officials tell us that one of the first questions prospective employers ask when considering a location for an industry or business is about the presence of unionized... click here to read more

Getting ready to compete in the global marketplace?

Patrick W. Ryan
Thursday, Jan 3, 2008

Leave it to television commercials to tell the story. Maybe you saw this one from Fedex.“Hey Bill, put a pushpin in China, that’s Russia. That’s Greenland, Bill.” Pause. “You have no idea where China is, do you Bill?”Pity poor Bill. In this humorous display of world knowledge ignorance he’s been found out to be an average American. It’s the sort of revelation that we tend to just laugh off as a national characteristic – America’s insularity from the outside world and seeming disregard for global affairs.But there’s a serious side to our lack of world awareness. The National Geographic Societ... click here to read more

State of business: ‘Waltz’ overshadowed many pro-business initiatives

Deb Woolley
Friday, Jul 1, 2005

It is not unusual in Tennessee for events or functions to end to the gentle sway of the “Tennessee Waltz.” It is a song that has long symbolized a conclusion, an end, a time to go home.Unfortunately, it also rang through the marble halls of the Capitol, spurring a quick end to the 104th Session of the General Assembly. Only it wasn’t the soft melody we all know and love; it was the discordant chorus of handcuffs snapping shut as FBI agents completed a three-year sting. It is a sad memorial to a beautiful song and a productive session in which several major legislative initiatives passed that will support a growing economy and additional job creation.... click here to read more

The New Economy provides new opportunities

Russell Hale
Saturday, Jan 1, 2005

There was a time when every worker thought if he could get a good, solid job with a good, solid manufacturer, he was set. Those times are no more. To borrow from Huxley's "Brave New World," it's a Bold New Economy – built on speed, change and global reach. There was a time when succeeding in business was like chess, where solid, well-planned moves were rules for success. Now, if you are going to sit at the game table in today's economy, chess is no longer a contest of pensive strategy.

Instead, it's a three-dimensional, digital game blending quick decisions and risk, where there's no time to be sure, because if you don't move now, you will lose your turn. It's a new game, a... click here to read more