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Commercial building permits: June

CBJ Admin
Friday, Jul 18, 2014

City of Cookeville/Putnam County
List includes: Owner/contractor, type of construction, address and estimated cost

Randall C. Chaffin/Looper's Construction, addition commercial, 405 N. Willow Ave., $8,000

Cookeville Housing Authority/King Construction Group Inc., remodel commercial, 530-532 Cypress Ave., $79,992.36

PK Jain/Watermill Construction LLC, addition commercial, 230 W. Third St., $2,000

Shy Properties/Yazdian Construction Inc., remodel commercial, 596 S. Jefferson Ave., $42,000

Stovers Rentals/Caudill's Remodeling and More, remodel commercial, 36 S. Willow Ave., $3,000

System CaP Real Pro McDonald's #041-0554/Venture Construction Co., remodel commercial, 515 S. Willow Ave., $858,681

Ting Kwun Lon ETUX Rebecca/Sergio JA & Sons, remodel commercial, 41 S. Cedar Ave., $50,000

American Bank and Trust of the Cumberlands/Mid State Construction, new commercial, 123 N. Willow Ave., $1,300,000

Bartik Nicholas Trust % Ian Bartik/Mason Builders & Steel Erectors, new commercial, 2005 Fisk Road, Building 9, $707,200

Clarence Whitson, demolition, 731 E. Broad St. $50

City of Crossville/Cumberland County
List includes: Contractor, permit type/description, address and valuation

Smith Construction Group, building-commercial, Speedway fueling station and convenience store, 1898 Genesis Road, $500,000

Highland Construction Inc., building-commercial, Shelter, 113 Harrison Ave., $50,653

Garrett Builders Inc., LDP, addition to building, 745 Peavine Road, $50

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