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Livingston Regional Hospital to host planning meeting for new community health network

CBJ Admin
Wednesday, Aug 13, 2014

LIVINGSTON – Livingston leaders are hoping the formation of a new community network will improve the health of patients in and around the surrounding communities.

The leadership team at Livingston Regional Hospital (LRH) will host a meeting with local resources to learn more about joining the new "Guardians of Care" network and to begin a discussion about how the hospital, including its medical staff and employees, local government agencies, pharmacies, assisted living and nursing homes, home health agencies including hospice, the health department, educators, transportation services, meal/food distribution services, ministerial groups, social service organizations, EMS and other interested parties can collaborate on this initiative.

Guardians of Care will bring together key leaders whose agencies provide health care services, as well as other businesses that provide valuable support resources. Education – including management of chronic medical conditions, medication and optional nutrition – will be key components of the program. The goal is to collaborate on initiatives designed to provide residents a clear roadmap for post hospital care.

The meeting will take place at noon Thursday, Aug. 28, at the Livingston-Overton County Chamber of Commerce.

"Livingston Regional Hospital desires to develop a growing tradition of supporting its patients through the identification and coordination of available resources," said Colleen Tuck, RN, Livingston Regional Hospital chief nursing officer, who announced the committee with MaryAnn Stockton, RN, director of case management. "This effort will allow us to collectively identify the needs of our patients and take it a step further by engaging other agencies and leaders within the community about what we can do together to make a difference in improving the health of those patients who live in Livingston and surrounding areas."

Added Dr. Larry Mason, chairman of the Livingston Regional Hospital board, "Having this type of program will enhance our patients' ability to successfully remain in the comfort of their home and ensure they have access of the resources they need."

To participate and RSVP for the luncheon, call Kayla Ervin at (931) 403-2113.

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