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Honest Abe Log Homes to host log raising Sept. 20

CBJ Admin
Sunday, Sep 14, 2014

CLAY COUNTY – Honest Abe Log Homes will be hosting a log raising Saturday, Sept. 20, at its national headquarters in Moss.

During the free, three-hour event beginning at 9 a.m., members of the Honest Abe team will construct a small log structure, demonstrating and describing the process of building an Honest Abe log home, according to Greg Watson and Ed White of Honest Abe’s show home and sales center in Cookeville at 3205 Highway 111 North.

“These demonstrations show first-hand how an Honest Abe log home is built from the ground up,” White said. “We'll assemble the floor system, join together the walls, create window and door openings, install beams and ceilings and apply the roof system.”

Honest Abe Log Homes designs, manufactures and builds log homes, log cabins and timber frame houses.

A similar log raising event was held at the Clay County facility in July.

“In addition to the demonstration, our guests will learn about the care and maintenance of a log home,” Watson said. White said that the Log Raising is held in a climate-controlled building where attendees are seated and are encouraged to interact and ask questions.

Following the presentation, lunch will be served and a tour of the manufacturing facility will be conducted. Register online at or call (800) 467-5647.

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