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BREAKING: Crossville council to consider extension for 'Project Enterprise'

Liz Engel Clark
Thursday, Oct 9, 2014

Interchange Business Park.

CUMBERLAND COUNTY – The Crossville city council will discuss and take action next week on a proposed 120-day option extension for Project Enterprise, an unknown industrial prospect looking to locate in the city's Interchange Business Park off Highway 127 North. 

The council originally approved a 60-day option for Project Enterprise on 18.59 acres on Interchange Drive in August. That option expires Oct. 11, according to council documents, but Enterprise has requested an additional 120 days to complete its due diligence at the site.

Per the original contract, the purchase price for the land is $465,000, but that amount will be completely abated if Project Enterprise employs at least 93 full-time workers. The contract binds Project Enterprise to completing its facilities within two years from the contract's closing date. The agreement also says both parties agree Interchange Drive, which parallels Interstate 40, needs to be relocated, and the costs to do so would be the responsibility of the purchaser, Project Enterprise. 

The council will meet Tuesday, Oct. 14.

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Joe Average
Wednesday, Oct 29, 2014 at 10:47 AM
Jobs are good! So many of life's troubles will take care of themselves with a steady paycheck.