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Double Cola Co. and Budweiser of Cookeville announce partnership

CBJ Admin
Tuesday, Nov 25, 2014

COOKEVILLE – The Double Cola Company has announced its partnership with Budweiser of Cookeville as its main product distributor for the metro-Cookeville area and surrounding 11 counties. The distribution area covers cities such as Cookeville, Crossville, Sparta, Jamestown, Livingston and Smithville.

The new agreement allows Budweiser of Cookeville to immediately distribute Double Cola’s product line in an area adjacent to one of Double Cola’s largest Ski Citrus Soda territories.

“Budweiser of Cookeville’s sales team has done a phenomenal job getting behind the brands and seeding the market,” said Megan Hallar, Double Cola marketing manager. "Our products have been well received, too. Many of the retailers are already familiar with our core brands, which have been available in neighboring areas. This partnership is truly exciting for both our company and Budweiser of Cookeville."

Budweiser of Cookeville is a sister distributorship of Budweiser of Chattanooga, both of which are owned by the Hand Family Companies. The Hand Family Companies distributes approximately 10 million annual case equivalents, has approximately 450 employees and five facilities across Tennessee and Kentucky. Budweiser of Cookeville has been based out of Cookeville for 18 years and sells the Anheuser Busch portfolio, as well as craft beers and non-alcoholic beverages including Monster, Sparkling Ice, Calypso, and V8.

Double Cola’s brands will add to Budweiser of Cookeville’s non-alcoholic presence in independent and chain accounts. Two of the most requested Double Cola packages in the new market have been Double-Cola and Ski 12-ounce glass bottles with pure cane sugar. In addition to Double Cola and Ski, Chaser, Double-Dry Ginger Ale, Jumbo, and MINŌKU Coconut Water will be available. Chaser is an all-natural lemon-lime soda.

Double-Dry is a ginger ale made with all-natural ginger. Jumbo sodas offer flavor choices such as strawberry, peach and watermelon. MINŌKU is an all-natural coconut water harvested from young, green Thai coconuts.

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