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CBJ: Adapting with the times

CBJ Admin
Thursday, Jan 26, 2012

The February edition of the UCBJ included an appearance change – a facelift of sorts.

Entering our seventh year of publication and following some of the best and worst times in the Upper Cumberland’s long history, we at the Upper Cumberland Business Journal feel we’ve learned a thing or two.

First and foremost, and rather ironically, we’ve learned how little we do know sometimes about our economy, what affects it and where we’re headed next. While we, as a publication, have attempted to provide assistance to local business people on those topics, we’ve too often failed in really giving you – our readers – what you want and need to make more informed decisions day in and day out. While we firmly believe we have played a much-needed role in the Upper Cumberland business community since our inception in 2005, we apologize for not being better over the years.

But, that leads me to the positive side of what we’ve learned – we’ve learned how to persevere through tough times, from watching others who are doing things well, and to simply connect the dots to a prosperous future. We’ve learned that there are many talented, experienced business people in the Upper Cumberland region who have paved the way and gotten good things done. We’ve learned that our Upper Cumberland area, as a whole, is luckier than most for the assets we have to lean on and pull from.

With that being said, and with this edition of the UCBJ, you will see some changes in the way we’re doing things, both online and in print.

Most noticeably, it was time for an appearance change – a facelift of sorts. We have a new design for our printed edition that we hope you’ll find welcome. Call it a seven-year itch, or whatever, but we needed something refreshing - a new look to introduce the other changes we’ve made.

Most importantly, we have instituted somewhat of an overall philosophical change to the content we plan to bring to our readers each month. To pare it down, we will offer more news and analysis that is important to your decision-making processes. Now, more than ever, as we slowly climb out of the “Great Recession,” we need to learn from each other, we need ready access to important information and it needs to be relevant to our situation in the Upper Cumberland. We understand that and plan to deliver to meet those needs.

As always, we hope for and expect that our business and community leaders will participate in our continued march to excellence. We will ask many of you to join our Leadership Panels in various key industries, which will not only share “expert” advice with our readership but will provide vital direction to us behind the scenes as well. We ask that our loyal advertisers continue seeing the mission and, of course, investing in their business future by benefiting from the results we bring to the table. Finally, we ask for your suggestions, your stories, your information – anything that can be deemed vital to other business people in the Upper Cumberland or that helps to spread the word for your success.

Thanks to everyone who has had a role in the first few years of the UCBJ – it couldn’t have been done without you. Now, here’s looking at the next few years as we in the Upper Cumberland roll into more prosperous times ahead. We can’t wait to see what’s on our horizon and to report all the great news along the way.

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